our hustle & us.

Welcome to PIX3L.

Based in Sydney's Macarthur Region, PIX3L is an ECO 3D printing press run by a mum and dad team (US! P & James).

Our focus has and always will be on creating fun and exciting products that let us keep feeding our inner child and entertaining our own little curious youngster.

Thank you for your support.

P -

I have always had an interest in graphic design, 3D printing, tech, and e-commerce but (as you do) I followed my more stable interest in Town Planning as a career path.

After the arrival of our daughter (Little P), I took some time off to enjoy a slower life for a little...it was a little too slow. As a first-time mum with a newborn, in suburbia and stuck inside in the height of an insane bushfire season (isolating before it was cool), I started PIX3L for me.

My first project was some simple parts to hack my daughter's playsets, on to the first Bluey-inspired Cookie Cutter to hit the market and play cutters.

Since then, PIX3L has grown to something thing amazing. Our cookie cutters are sold worldwide! This year we introduced our PLAY range with designs selected by my daughter and some larger products. Thank you for your support. Seriously!

James -

Once a professional chef, I have recently stepped away from the kitchen to spend more time with my family.

This has allowed me to take a more active role in PIX3L (beyond just the mailman...). My wife remains the boss (in the studio and at home...), but I am happy to be her budding apprentice.

You will catch me sending your invoices, answering your questions via our socials and any emails. PIX3L is our small family business and I am so grateful for your support.

Our mission was always been to provide fun, affordable, and quality products. Not the crazy priced, poor quality products I see at my local baking supplies store or the overpriced and brittle playdough cutters from a "market leader" - hurting my daughters' hands as she uses them.

We are family-focused and that's the difference. Your support, orders, ideas, and conversations are whole heartily appreciated! Thank you.